Do you really erase my arrest?

We file expungements based on the applicable Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure articles. If successful then your arrest or conviction will be hid from public records and you are not required to disclose it except in limited circumstances.

What is the Real Cost?

Each expungement is $995.00 plus $550.00* in court cost. An arrest with multiple charges is just one fee and court cost. Separate criminal cases require separate additional fees and costs. 

*DWI court costs is $600.00 

Will I have to Appear in Court?

In most cases only the attorney is required to appear in court. Our firm takes pride representing our clients without unnecessary court appearances. Our goal is to help your overcome the past with minimal intrusion on your current life and career goals.

I want to talk with an attorney?

New clients can schedule an appointment with an attorney. The appointments are in one hour blocks of time. Current client have a dedicated assistant to coordinate attorney contacts.

Schedule Appointment

How long does it take?

Generally from start to finish most matters take around 90 days to resolve. Each cases varies but our goal is to provide fast convenient service. 

States and Courts Covered

Currently we only offer our services in Louisiana and we cover any criminal case that occurred in Louisiana including city and mayors courts. Any criminal case or arrest including misdemeanors, felonies, and even traffic tickets.

What if my case is pending?

Unfortunately while a case is pending we can not file an expungement. Your case will need to resolved before we can assist you. If on probation then you must first complete probation before we will be able to help you.

Does this work on DWI cases?

DWI cases whether resolved by plea, conviction, or dismissal can be expunged. The court cost is increased to $600.00 by law but otherwise in most instances an expugement can be filed. 

Are certain crimes excluded?

Yes, arrest for crimes of violence and sex crimes  are not able to expunged if those arrest resulted in a plea or conviction. 

Can I get my driver's license back

Expungements do not effect administrative decisions regarding driving privileges nor does it circumvent the laws related to convictions effecting driving privileges.