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Get started from the comfort of your home today! We know having an arrest or conviction on your record can effect your goals and dreams. We offer high quality legal services that do not require you to appear in our office or in court in most cases. Our evaluation by our Founder and Expungement Specialist Attorney Devin Jones is free! Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page. And we will respond within 48 hours with Mr. Jones’ personalized case review and quote. In most cases Erase My Arrest is able to obtain results within 90 days! GET STARTED NOW! 

How It Works

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Simply you fill out the form below with as Much information as you can remember. One of our case specialist will research your case and Mr. Devin Jones, Founder of Erase My Arrest and Expungement Specialist Attorney will personally review your case and respond within 48 hours as part of your free case evaluation. Your free personalized 48 hour response email will include our quote and Mr Jones’s review of your case!   

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How Much Does It Cost?


Free to have your case evaluated by Expungement Specialist Attorney Devin Jones. If we are able to take your case then we offer a flat fee cost of $1445.00 plus court costs of $550.00. Our firm gladly accepts credit cards and debit cards and offers partial payments and payment plans. It’s our goal to offer high quality legal services that do not interrupt your life by requiring you to come to our office or to court. 

* Separate cases require additional fees 

How Long Does It Take?


Most clients receive results within three months but each case varies. Get Started Now for the fastest results!

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Fill Out the Form Below and We Will Respond within 48 hours! Provide as much information as possible. We understand if you can not remember and one of our specialist will use the information you do remember to research your case for free and provide an answer within 48 hours!

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